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American University of Beirut (AUB)
Salloum Building
Saloum Building is an existing building on lot 1973 near AUH phase 2. The lot has been acquired by the University. The building served as a storage for Hospital archives for few years. Then the University decides to launch an international competition to build an annex to phase 2 related to it on basement levels.
At this level several problems arrised concerning connection of the 2 buildings regarding the legal point of view. Also the lack of parking spaces and the impossibility of creating parkings underground on lot 1973, allthese concerns, created a challenge for our office.Yet all these problems were solved to the satisfaction of the University.
Where HEAD was entrusted:
  • > Design Brief to building law and other requirements
  • > Consultancy
  • > Permit on lot 1973
  • > Permit on lot 3435 to connect throught basement level