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American University of Beirut (AUB)
Master plan
Land and Building
  • Survey for existing Campus Master Plan
  • Processing with a regular program to execute the new Campus Master Plan prepared by SASAKI Machado and Silvetti in April 2002
Real estate consultancy
  • Liaisoning on behalf of AUB with public administrative authorities.
  • Conducting official survey and leveling for the campus under the Campus Master Plan.
  • Giving advice on the best approach to secure compliance for the developments on campus.
  • Preparing permits plans.
  • Providing for and obtaining construction, occupancy, renovation, addition, amendment and demolition permits.
  • Conducting land improvement operations.
  • Assessment of alignments and seeking the necessary measures to diminish their effect on the potentiality of the land and constructions.
  • Annexing public adjacent leftovers.
  • Complementing and clearing the construction administrative file.
  • Consolidating and updating the land registry records.
  • Interfacing with municipal authorities to update the municipal records and providing full compliance at the level of supervised developments.
  • Assisting the facilities planning and development unit in the preparation of projects requirements among which is setting organigrams, site study.
  • Assisting in the preparation of tender documents.
  • Providing consultancy through daily follow-up during construction phase.