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Saifi 92: Residential
This is a reconstruction of a historical building that shall preserve its original elevation. The constraint preset by the ministry of tourism defined the frame of works of our design team. The challenge was to have the furnished apartment planning reflect the old residential neighborhood elevation, and to complete the added parts to have the totality of the building express a special character. Indeed elevations are marrying modern to historical in a very thoughtful manner and attention to detail material, and color.

In the heart of Beirut, and at 10min from Beirut airport, the project sits at the intersection of 3 streets well known as the luxurious residential area of Downtown Beirut. The three streets, Rue Abdel-Wahab, Rue de Damas, and Rue Madrassat El Hukuk, surround the building and dispose it at a double corner situation that give the project importance and high accessibility. At the ground floor level, the building has shops and grand-surface shops, but also 2 remarkably attractive angle-situation shops that would be suitable for restaurants. Also, a lobby serving 10 floors of furnished apartments, and a breakfast area open to a landscaped backyard garden.

7 typical floors consist of 12 apartments of an area between 50 and 55m2, and 2 angle suites of 75m2. While floors 8, 9, & 10 consist of 9 apartments and 2 angle suites.