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Sky High Residence Cornet Chehwane 2565
Head Engineering Role:
  • Site analysis and cost estimate
  • Architectural design
  • Structural design
  • Electro mechanical design
  • Landscape design
  • Permits documents
  • Interior design
  • Execution phase
Project type: Residential
Lot area: 2070 m²
Built-up area: 6,150 m²
Location: Kornet Chehwan-Biyada, next to Storium Saliba
Two buildings: Block A & Block B

Project Overview:

Located in a serene and upcoming neighborhood in Kornet Chehwan-Biyada, plot 2566 houses two residential buildings comprising eight apartments each.

With its breathtaking panoramic view, moderate climate in both summer and winter and relative proximity to the capital, the region has become an attractive home for many. Sky High is a 15 min drive from the coastal highway. With abundant green space, Sky High enhances the environmental advantages of residing in the Metn area.

This project is a mixture of luxury and comfort where both meet to satisfy the residents’ demands. Visitors have parking spaces and guard rooms to manage the security and cleanliness of the building.

Sky High has various apartment types to meet all needs. The project is made up of 16 apartments: 4 garden floors, 4 duplexes and 8 regular apartments of sizes ranging from 230 sqm to 350 sqm.

The project offers underground private parking with an easy access to the storage rooms & individual cellars for each apartment.
Quality materials and finishing

Delivery date: end 2014

Block A: 4 floors, 8 apartments

Types of apartments:
Simplex 230 sqm with a 57 sqm terrace
Simplex 240 sqm with a 132 sqm terrace
Simplex 250 sqm
Simplex 240 sqm
Simplex 250 sqm
Simplex 240 sqm
Duplex 350 sqm
Duplex 360 sqm

Block B: 4 floors, 8 apartments

Types of apartments:
Simplex 230 sqm with a 268 sqm terrace
Simplex 230 sqm with a 195 sqm terrace
Simplex 230 sqm
Simplex 230 sqm
Simplex 230 sqm
Simplex 230 sqm
Duplex 320 sqm
Duplex 330 sqm


For each apartment: two cars private parking in basement, videophone, individual cellar, 2000 liters water tank with a common collective tank in the basement for reserve

At Sky High, every detail counts. This luxurious project offers all the relevant amenities a resident can wish for, with attractive architecture and functionally apartments.

A Special Care has been taken to keep the panoramic view open to all apartments. Interior spaces were ingeniously planned to provide a smooth flow between reception spaces keeping services in retreat to enhance the sense of luxury.

Location Assets:
  • High standard residential zone of Cornet Chehwane.
  • 10 min walk from St Joseph School.
  • 5 min by car from Jesus & Mary School.
  • 1 min walks from Storium Saliba.
  • From ABC Dbayeh 7min by car.
  • Easy connection on Bikfaya highway.
  • N  33°55"17.26    E  35°37"47.40
The project specifications are set-out below:

Main entrance, kitchen doors are made with solid wood with lacquer finish, mdf wood for rooms and bathrooms
Marble tiles in living area, entrance & balconies, ceramic in bedrooms, corridor & bathrooms, ceramic & porcelain in the kitchen Aluminum
Folda or equivalent with Folda accessories Colored aluminum, rolling shutters & double glazing
Master, children & guest:
Iris ceramic tiles – Maison de la Céramique Laufen sanitary – Georges Nasr Grohe melangeur
Washing machine & dish washer installation
Solar panel:
Hot water heated by the solar system
Caoutchouc painting in living, entrance & bedrooms Oil painting in bathrooms & kitchen
Plumbing works:
German or Italian, polypropylene pipes inside apartments or equivalent – Georges Khoury
External finishes:
Double wall isolation Different kind of stone cladding Red roof tiles on roof tops Glass handrails with aluminum frame
Electrical Works:
Cable du Liban and le grand switches or equal
Water Proofing works:
Insulation on top Roof, Balconies, and wet areas
Italian Engine Elevator or equivalent – u.s.e
Hot water boilers in second basement with radiators for each apartment
Air conditioning:
VRV cooling system with installation for separate Fan coil unit for each area