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El-Hajjar Enterprise
Dbaye Hills
Dbaye Hills is a residential and commercial village located in Haret Al Bellaneh, residential area comprising a mall, restaurant, health club, a swimming pool, commercial area comprising 35 residential buildings And 3 residential towers. The vastness and diversity of the project required a very thorough and lengthy study in order to coordinate the various areas and functions between residential and commercial areas. The conceptual approach of our project was (Lizard on the Hill), you can see the concept which reflect our idea with the serpent movement in the project.

Head Engineering Role:
  • Site analysis and study of functions
  • Architectural concept
  • Architectural design
  • Landscape design
  • cost estimate

Project Overview:

- 3 Towers: 4 x 150m2 per floor on 15 floors
- Commercial Blocks:
  • Mall
  • Restaurants
  • Health club & Pool
- Type A: 11 Single size blocks 2 x 150m2 per floor on 4 floors
- Type B: 15 Double size blocks 4 x 150m2 per floor on 4 floors
- Type C: 9 Triple size blocks 6 x 150m2 per floor on 4 floors

Basement Floor Provides Parking Spaces for all apartments, caves, and technical rooms including Generator room, Boiler room, and Building Services. Additional Parking Spaces are Located in Ground Floor Piloti. A Special Care has been taken to keep the panoramic view open to all apartments. Interior spaces were ingeniously planned to provide a smooth flow between reception spaces keeping services in retreat to enhance the sense of luxury. Elevations were worked in rotation around the building axes Freeing the project from the conventional 2D treatment and giving the 4th dimension an important role in reading the project as one proceeds around the blocks.